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Questions You Should Ask Your New Podiatrist

  • Where is their practice located?
  • Is it handicap accessible?
  • What are their office hours?
  • Do those hours work with your schedule?
  • How long does it take to get an appointment?
  • How long for emergency appointments?
  • Do they have x-ray and lab onsite?
  • What hospitals or surgery centers do they have privileges at?
  • Are those the places you would choose if you needed to go to the hospital or have surgery?
  • Who covers for the doctor when she/he is on vacation?
  • If you need surgery, are they board qualified or board certified?
  • How many times they have done the procedure?
  • How often they perform the procedure?

Podiatrist Education & Training

Education and training for a Podiatrist includes four years of undergraduate training at a college or university, followed by four years of medical school to earn a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree (D.P.M.). Finally he/she will then have a residency of two to four years where they will gain the most learning from experience.

After residency, some podiatrists may wish to sub-specialize and choose to complete a fellowship. Fellowships are at least one additional year of training in a particular area. The extra training is designed to help the physician become an expert in that particular area.

Licensing of a Podiatrist

Physicians must meet state requirements in order to obtain a license to practice medicine. Each state has their specific set of requirements. You can also find out if there has been any disciplinary action taken against a podiatrist by calling the board of podiatry in a particular state or by going to their website.

There are specialty boards that certify physicians. For example, some podiatrists choose to perform surgery, so they may wish to become certified by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery (ABPS). There are other specialty boards that offer certification as well. Usually a physician must meet certain requirements, pass a written exam and then board-eligible/qualified status may be granted. The next step is to become board-certified. Once the physician has enough cases and meets more requirements and passes another written exam plus an oral exam, then they may become board-certified. A doctor just finishing residency or fellowship will most likely only be board-eligible/qualified because they do not have enough cases to be board-certified. Becoming board-certified takes time, usually years. The important thing is that the doctor is on a path to become board-certified.

TIP: More important than any question that you ask your new Podiatrist is did they listen to you? Did they show you compassion for your symptoms? Did they show that they just cared or where you just another number? All of the education in the world does not matter if your new podiatrist doesn’t treat you with the respect that you deserve.

Finally, remember these tips when you look for your podiatrist Woodland, AL!