Bunions are painful and incredibly annoying.  They can cause pain and discomfort pretty much throughout your entire day.  The question becomes, how do we correct a bunion problem or at least mitigate the bunion symptoms.

For our purposes of this post we are assuming 2 things:  You do not have an extreme bunion, that it can be managed with non-invasive means, that it does not require bunion surgery and that you have already read our guide “How to Choose the Best Shoes for Bunions”.

So maybe you are still experiencing some symptoms or maybe you just want to do more to help your bunion condition.  The next step is to utilize bunions splints and/or bunion pads.

Bunion Splints

A bunion splint is a device that is typically worn at night (while sleeping) that physically pushes the big toe back into normal alignment.  There are several types of bunion splints that can be worn.  Most are fairly stiff to achieve the effect of repositioning the alignment of your big toe and first metatarsal.  It is important to try and find one that is somewhat comfortable since they do need to be worn hours at a time, usually while sleeping.

Bunion splints are not an overnight fix.  They take time to work so you should not expect relief the day after starting to use one.  They are a many month commitment to alleviating your bunion issues.  Bunion splints are not meant for the reversal of a bunion issue but rather to prevent one from getting worse, so starting early with a splint is important if you fear bunion surgery could be in your future.

Bunion Pads

Bunion pads or bunion cushions can provide much needed relief to bunion sufferers.  The goal of a bunion pad is simply relieve the pain that can be associated with bunions.  There are two types of bunion pads:  forefoot pads and bunion cushions.

Forefoot Pads

The forefoot pads are just extra cushioning you can add inside your shoe that gives extra cushion under the entire forefoot and usually helps to decrease the pain while walking.

Bunion Cushions

Bunion cushions will usually wrap the bony protrusion of the bunion with padding.  These are perfect if you have issues with particular shoes and side contact creating pain and discomfort.