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The Value of A Good Podiatrist

Dealing with foot pain has a major affect on your life.  However, finding a quality local Podiatrist will not only help in dealing with your foot pain but will help you get back to the life that you once loved to live.  To find a Podiatrist in your area, just use our simple and easy search function and your will be directed to a qualified local Podiatrist that can help your recover from your foot ailments.

Advantages Of Using a Local Podiatrist

A quality Podiatrist can get your back to the life that you lived before your foot pain started affecting the way you live you life.  A qualified, local Podiatrist can help you with a variety of foot issues that arise from overuse, dysfunction, bad genetics or trauma injuries.


A bunion is an unnatural, bony hump that forms at the base of the big toe where it attaches to the foot. Many times, the big toe deviates toward the other toes. Then, the base of the big toe pushes outward on the first metatarsal bone — which is the bone directly behind the big toe.  This same phenomenon can occur on the little or fifth toe at which point is is called a bunionette. Because a bunion occurs at a joint, where the toe bends in normal walking, your entire body weight rests on the bunion at each step. Bunions can be extremely painful. They’re also vulnerable to excess pressure and friction from shoes and can lead to the development of calluses. Treatment of bunions varies with their severity.  Your Podiatrist may use a simple anti-inflammatory medicine, prescribe an special orthotic or in the worst cases, propose surgery to correct the issue.

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is one of the most common causes of heel pain and often misdiagnosed.  Often referred to as heel spurs or bone bruises.  This painful foot condition is actually an injury to the tendons that run from the calf, under the heel and onto the toes.  Plantar Fasciitis is often caused by the arch collapsing when being weighted and putting the stress of our body weight on these tendons opposed to through the bony structures of the foot. Plantar Fasciitis is often treated with a combination of approaches.  First is to prevent further damage by getting custom molded orthotics to support the foot while in shoes.  Second is to avoid non-supported walking all the time, including keeping supportive shoes at the bedside.  This combined with ice massage and scar tissue break-up by rolling the bottom of the foot.

Hammer Toes

Hammer toe is the unnatural bending of the toe at the second and/or third joint.  This bending can occur on the second through fifth toes and is usually caused by foot wear.  Hammer toes can cause pain and irritation of the joint or toe involved, corns and calluses can develop and sometimes burning and redness of the area. There are several treatments available in the early stages of hammer toes.  Changes in footwear, custom orthotics, taping and strapping can all help restore the natural shape of the toe.  Injections to the joint can be used when the joint becomes painful and in rare and incredibly severe cases surgery might be required to correct the affected toes and stop the pain and discomfort associated with hammer toes.

Flat Feet

Flat Feet occur to a lack of development of the arches in adolescence, from a traumatic injury or due to wear and tear associated with aging.  Flat Feet often times carry no symptoms but can create a misalignment of the ankles and knees.  In these cases, seeking a qualified Podiatrist can help you create a better alignment thus reducing or eliminating the symptoms.

Ingrown Toe Nails

It is never pleasant when it happens and should be addressed quickly because of the high rate of infection.  An ingrown toe nail is simply the toe nail developing a spur that is growing into the toe.  This creates a painful sensation when it is touched and can allow a place for bacteria to develop.  A Podiatrist can numb the area to remove the ingrown toe nail and give you advice on how you can prevent them from happening in the future.